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ANSwers will soon be the go-to technology for a growing set of ANS disorders around the world.

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Pioneering New Technology to Better Diagnose ANS Dysfunction

ClearHeart™, our hand cooling device currently under development, is designed to enable providers to perform a quick, real-time identification of ANS disorders. The results will be available immediately through a computer interface. This feature will allow healthcare providers to make assessments and recommendations right away. ClearHeart™ is under development and not currently for sale in the United States.
ClearPlay™, ANSwers’ downloadable mobile app is currently developed for the iOS. ClearPlay™ accelerates recovery times with patients suffering from disorders of brain-heart health by improving activity-induced blood flow to the brain to aid in the rehabilitation process. ClearPlay™ is intended to be used in a professional setting following point of injury or onset of the condition and can also be used by patients at home.

About ANSwers Neuroscience, Inc.

We understand the frustration that comes from not being able to treat your patients with the care they deserve. That’s why the ANSwers team has developed innovative technologies. We want you to have the best tools and the right knowledge to identify patients with ANS dysfunction.

Led by founder, Dr. Barry Kosofsky, we are committed to a vision of objective and standardized testing for patients who suffer from post-concussive symptoms as well as other chronic disorders of brain-heart health.

Our team is a unique blend of industry experts and passionate biotechnology entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of tackling the biggest challenges in the identification and management of ANS disorders.

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A Suite of Cutting-Edge Technologies is revolutionizing the way we understand and treat ANS Dysfunction

I just wanted to get back to my normal daily routine and live life fully. I finally have something I can rely on that gives me confidence in my recovery.
John Donahey
Concussion Patient, Cornell University 2019

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