About ANSwers Neuroscience, Inc.

The New Global Leaders In Evaluating The World’s Invisible Disorders Impacting Brain-Heart Health

We Are Tackling The Biggest Challenges In Autonomic Nervous System Disorders

With 30+ years of experience, ANSwers is a blend of industry experts and passionate biotechnology entrepreneurs. The ANSwers team welcomes you to be a part of a new age of measuring and assessing a wide variety of disorders characterized by ANS dysfunction. These can include chronic diseases such as diabetes, chronic pain (fibromyalgia, RSD, etc.), Parkinson’s, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Postural Orthostatic Hypertension (POTS), as well as acquired conditions including chronic lyme syndrome, concussions and whiplash. We are empowering medical professionals to simplify the identification and management of ANS disorders.

Meet Our Founding Team

Barry Kosofsky

MD, PhD – Founder

Jeffrey Kosofsky

VP of Operations

Tony Payton Jr.

VP of Marketing and Development

Company Values


In the fast-paced startup world of biotech companies, every moment counts. We strive to make focused, entrepreneurial decisions that will carry our organization forward.


Fueled by our true desire to heal, we are constantly reminded of our mission to restore life to what it once was for patients before experiencing ANS dysfunction.


Our foundation is based on creative and personal insight which leads us to innovative solutions.

Team oriented

We pride ourself on harnesssing the strengths of the individual for the greater purpose of the team. Collectively, we are in the business of making people better.


Patients who exhibit anxiety are less likely to heal quicker. A cornerstone of our company values is to embody what we preach the most: a positive, happy attitude, at times requiring cognitive behavioural interventions.

It’s A New Age For Brain-Heart Wellness. We’d Love To Partner With You.