Simple Tools And The Best Knowledge You Need To Treat Concussions

NEUMiiND Applications by ANSwers is the technology for better and faster treatment of concussions.

Too many medical professionals are frustrated by the inadequate technology available for treating concussed patients. Inaccurate diagnoses, the inability to identify who is going to get better, and a lack of individualized treatment leaves them hoping a day will come when there is more they can offer their patients.


NEUMiiND Applications from ANSwers is the technology we've all been waiting for

With NEUMiiND You Can:

Detect Concussions Earlier
Accurately Prescribe Therapies
Accelerate Recovery Times

Join the Medical Breakthrough That Will Become A Worldwide Movement in Concussion Treatment

Imagine being able to seamlessly and objectively measure post-concussive brain injury. Our devices accurately measure altered brain function and instantly uploads the data to a dashboard over bluetooth.

Right away, you get a report based on the information that was measured by the device. It is sent back so that you can help the patient get the right treatment. This efficient treatment leads to faster diagnoses and recovery times.

ANSwers is partnering with doctors, athletic trainers, physical trainers, and concussion clinics who want to implement this into their practice.

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About ANSwers Neuroscience, Inc.

We understand the frustration that comes from not being able to treat your patients with the care they deserve. That’s why the ANSwers team has developed NEUMiiND applications. We want you to have the best tools and the right knowledge to treat concussions.

Led by founder, Dr. Barry Kosofsky, we are committed to a vision of objective and standardized testing for patients who suffer from post-concussive symptoms.

Our team is a unique blend of industry experts and passionate entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of tackling the biggest challenges in autonomic nervous dysfunction treatment of autonomic disorders.

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A Suite of Cutting-Edge Technologies is revolutionizing the way we understand and treat ANS Dysfunction

The invisible injury that fooled everyone is now getting a bit clearer. This huge development is encouraging for concussion care worldwide.

Shawn Bullard Former San Diego Charger

Deciphering the difference between a minor headache and feeling shell shocked has been a challenge for medical professionals for too long. We’re excited about a new technology that will open new doors for concussion sufferers worldwide.

John J.Leddy Clinical Professor, Department of Orthopaedics

I just wanted to get back to my normal daily routine and live life fully. I finally have something I can rely on that gives me confidence in my recovery.

John Donahey Concussion Patient, Cornell University 2019

How to become a pioneer in advancing the field of concussion

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